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BNI Global Power Team

Connecting the Globe in One Power Team!


Welcome to the BNI Global Power Team

The BNI Global Power Team is a referral group of BNI members from around the world who are engaged in international business. While membership of the power team is limited to BNI members visitors are welcome at the regular meetings. The default language of the meeting is English.

There are no costs involved to participate in the Global Power Team.

We are a group of BNI Members from around the globe that do and refer business to each other outside of our local regions.

Members of The Global Power Team

The Global Power Team currently consist of 32 Members from 10 different countries around the globe. We are currently looking for new team members from other countries around the world.  

The BNI Global Power Team is a successful way to find connections beyond your local borders, and to broaden your International network.  

Join our next meeting

A BNI Global Power Team meeting runs in the same way as a regular BNI meeting but is held online on the Crovv Videoconference platform.

You can join the meeting 30 minutes before the meeting officially begins. This provides time for you to network with other members and guests from around the world who are joining in on the BNI Global Power Team meeting. It also gives you the opportunity to check out your online Crovv link to ensure you can get full benefit from the videoconference meeting.

GPT Meeting details

  • Every other week on Monday
  • Sound checking starts at 13:00 UK Time / 14:00 Central European Time 
  • GPT Meeting begins at 13:30 UK Time / 14:30 Central European Time
  • GPT Meeting ends at 15:00 UK Time / 16:00 Central European Time

To ensure the best technical quality at our meetings please make sure to follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you have a working webcam with microphone

  • When on the call please close all other open applications 

  • Test your system by clicking on the ‘Lets Crovv link you received in the e-mail

  • Ideally use a headset/headphones to reduce any echo/feedback on the call

  • We only recommend you use Google Chrome on a laptop or PC for Global Power Team meetings.